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One of the decals on an upright member on the forward end of the dolly.

This is the middle label and, although badly faded, appears to read


  1. Attach forward and aft slings to engine.
  2. Secure wing studs on cover retaining strips around base of handler.
  3. Remove fastener inserted in ball mount (Pt. A).
  4. Using aft sling only, slowly hoist engine to remove weight from handler yoke lugs (Pts. C1 and C2). Remove pins from both yoke lugs. Hand hold yoke and lift engine until engine clevises clear yoke lugs (Pts. C1 and C2). Rotate yoke forward to rest on handler base.
  5. At pin mount (Pt. B) disengage spring actuated slider by pulling red handle forward and turning 90°.
  6. Slowly lift engine until ball socket is clear of ball mount (Pt. A).
  7. Carefully move engine aft until pin in engine red adapter plate is clear of pin mount (Pt. B).
  8. Carefully lift engine away from handler.
  9. Secure yoke to yoke supports. Remove cap from stud between gussets and place on ball mount (Pt. A). Secure with fastener assy. Return red handle to original position.
  10. Remove decking and handler dust cover stored in base. Store security cover and cover sling in handler base. Replace decking with flat side up.
  11. Install handler dust cover.

Engine removal instructions on transportation J-2 Engine dolly at Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex)
Time picture taken Wed Jul 30 15:39:48 2008
Location picture taken Open-Air Exhibit Gallery
Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex)
Oklahoma City, OK
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