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Overall walk-around of the upper F-1 engine in the display.

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At right you can see one of the mirrors which give the effect of a full set of five F-1s.

Visible here is the gimbal actuator at the 10:00 position.

This engine is F-1001, the first "production" engine (although it was intended solely for ground test and was never intended to be flown in a vehicle), and several differences with later engines manufactured for flight can be seen:

Note that the engine is mounted incorrectly, with the heat exchanger at the bottom of the engine. When mounted in an actual S-IC stage, the heat exchanger would point toward the inboard engine -- roughly at the 4:00 position -- as can be seen on S-IC-15.

Time picture taken Sat Jun 25 11:49:08 2011
Location picture taken Apollo to the Moon Gallery
National Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC
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