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The sign accompanying the suit. It reads

Apollo Lunar Suit

This space suit was worn on the Moon by an Apollo 15 astronaut in 1971. Moon dust is still visible on the suit, especially on the legs.

The space suits had to meet all of the astronauts' life-support needs. Backpacks (left on the moon) provided oxygen, temperature and humidity control, suit pressure, and power for their communications and data display systems. This suit, made of 22 layers of several different materials plus a 3-layer undergarment, also protected them against extreme lunar temperatures and micrometeoroids.

Because the lunar explorers had to walk over uneven terrain, collect rock and soil samples, and set up equipment, the suit was sturdy but gave them adequate mobility. Each astronaut had a custom-fitted space suit.

Manufacturer: ILC Industries, Inc.

Transferred from NASA

Space suit worn on the Moon by Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott, 1971.

Sign accompanying Scott's Apollo 15 Suit at National Air & Space Museum
Time picture taken Fri Jun 22 14:53:40 2007
Location picture taken Space Race Gallery
National Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC
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