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One of the signs accompanying the moon rock. It reads

Lunar Sample Statistics

Lunar Sample No. 10017,37
Collection Point = Sea of Tranquility
Estimated Age = 4.011 billion

Minerals Present Color % of Sample
Pyroxene Light Honey Yellow 40%
Plagioclase Milky White 40%
Ilmenite Black 15%
Mesostasis Black 5%

Chemical Analysis    
Silicon Dioxide SiO2 41.34%
Iron Oxide FeO2 19.55%
Titanium oxide TiO2 11.68%
Calcium oxide CaO 10.74%
Aluminum oxide Al2O3 7.85%
Magnesium oxide MgO 7.76%
Over 50 other Trace

Sign accompanying the Moon Rock at Neil Armstrong Air & Space
Time picture taken Tue May 20 12:29:34 2014
Location picture taken Second Floor Lunar Surface Gallery
Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum
Wapakoneta, OH
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