Neil Armstrong Air & Space

The Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum is located in Wapakoneta, Ohio, Neil Armstrong's home town. It houses a nice collection of Space Race artifacts, as well as various artifacts from Armstrong's life.

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As of now, I have not yet sorted through all of my pictures from Neil Armstrong Air & Space, but some other page references this location. Thus, this is a "place holder" version right now, with only the pictures actually referenced. Come back some time later to see if I've finished up, or drop me an email to request me to prioritize the rest of these pictures.


Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum

F5D Skylancer

Gemini Mockup

Apollo Mockup

Gemini 8

Armstrong's Gemini 8 Suit

Armstrong Artifacts
H-1 Engine
H-1 Engine

Apollo Artifacts

Cernan's Apollo 10 Coverall

Lovell's Constant Wear Garment

Armstrong's Apollo 11 Backup Suit

Apollo Lunar Surface Diorama

Moon Rock
Sputnik Replica
Sputnik Replica