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One of the signs accompanying the CWG. It reads

Constant Wear Garment

A one-piece constant wear garment, similar to long underwear with feet, was worn by Apollo astronauts throughout every flight. The garment is made of a porous knit cotton. Notice the small pockets for holding dosimeters to check for radiation exposure. The biomedical harness attaches to the reinforced rectangular panel. Sensor wires from the harness are supported by fabric loops and enter the suit through buttonhole-like slits.

The garment on display was worn by Ohio astronaut Jim Lovell, who flew on the Apollo 8 and Apollo 13 missions.

Based on the serial number, I would guess that this garment was used on Apollo 13 (the serial number is 1131, while a CWG worn by Frank Borman on Apollo 8 has a serial number of 1116).

Sign accompanying Lovell's Constant Wear Garment at Neil Armstrong Air & Space
Time picture taken Tue May 20 14:11:50 2014
Location picture taken Second Floor North Gallery
Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum
Wapakoneta, OH
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