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Detail of the helmet's feed port.

Some contingency plans call for the astronauts to be in their pressurized suit for an extended period of time (e.g., if the command module were to lose pressurization). Water and food can be passed through the feed port without losing suit pressurization.

At the other end of the digestive system, there is a urine collection and transfer assembly inside the suit which leads to a port on the suit's upper right thigh (a flap covers the port in dsc62955.jpg; the port is depicted in my A7L CMP suit diagram, labeled as "UCT and biomedical injection flap patch) so that the urine can be drained from the suit.

Also see the Waste Management System chapter in Biomedical Results of Apollo.

Time picture taken Sat May 16 13:00:44 2009
Location picture taken Second Floor Lunar Surface Gallery
Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum
Wapakoneta, OH
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