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An Apollo Urine Collection Transfer Assembly (UCTA).

The accompanying sign reads

Urine Collection Transfer Assembly

Apollo astronauts used this device to collect and store urine until it could be dumped overboard through the spacecraft waste disposal system. It was worn over the constant wear garment or liquid cooling garment. It attached to the astronaut by a roll-on cuff. (not shown)

The black hose (lower left) could also be attached to the A7L suit's urine transfer connector (UTC). In the case of a permanent loss of cabin pressure, the astronauts can wear a UCTA, connect it to the UTC, and eliminate waste without depressurizing the suit.

The "Waste Management System" chapter of the Biomedical Results of Apollo contains a detached, scientific description (in typical NASAese) of how the UCTA worked, while this interview with Rusty Schweickart gives a more, um, "candid" description of its use.

Time picture taken Fri Oct 25 14:14:42 2002
Location picture taken Rocket City Legacy Exhibit
"Old" Museum
US Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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