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The sign accompanying the suit. It reads

3 Suits in One

Apollo astronauts were in fact wearing three separate garments when in their space suits. The constant wear garment (1) on the left was donned first and also worn alone in the capsule as well. The blue 3 layered torso limb assembly (2) was the part of the suit that held the air pressure. The last part (3) of the suit is the familiar white exterior protective garment. For intra-vehicular suits this part had 3 layers while extra-vehicular suits had 4 more layers to protect against micrometeoroids & radiation.

The "(1)", "(2)", and "(3)" refer to numbers above the suit components in the suit vault (although they're arranged right-to-left, rather than left-to-right as indicated by the sign).

Also, #1 is an inflight coverall garment, rather than a constant wear garment. When in the spacecraft, the crew would typically wear the ICG over the CWG. I'm uncertain as to whether the CWG was worn when going on an EVA, or whether the liquid-cooling garment (LCG) took its place.

Sign accompanying Mattingly's Apollo 13 Suit at Michigan Space and Science Center
Time picture taken Sat Sep 28 12:55:50 2002
Location picture taken Space Suit Vault
Michigan Space & Science Center
Jackson, MI
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