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Borman's Apollo 8 Constant Wear Garment

Just outside the gallery was a display case with Tom Stafford's Apollo 10 inflight coverall garment (ICG), Frank Borman's Apollo 8 constant wear garment (CWG), and a wind-up Apollo Monaco shaver.

The CWG was a one-piece cotton-knit garment that provided cover for the torso and feet, but left the lower arms bare. It was designed to be worn under either the space suit or inflight coverall garment. The CWG provided warmth and absorbed any sweat generated by the astronaut. It contained openings for the bioinstrumentation leads and skin sensors as well as slit openings for the elimination of body waste.

The CWG was fabricated from cotton knit (similar to long underwear), had a biobelt attachment sewn to the midriff, and had buttons up the front. The sleeves were short to prevent bunching and had integral socks both for warmth and to prevent the CWG from "riding up" when the space suit was donned. Pockets were provided at the ankles, thighs, and chest for film package passive dosimeters. Two CWGs were provided for each crewman.

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