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One of the signs accompanying the moon rock. It reads

Lunar Sample Number 79155,10

This is a real piece of the Moon. Apollo 17 Astronaut Eugene Cernan collected this sample during the third EVA, Station 9, in the Taurus-Littrow Valley. It was from the rim of Van Serge, a 90 m (295 ft) crater that was approximately 2.25 km (1.4 mi) northeast of the LM landing site. For geologic features and samples returned, this region represents the most diverse landing site of the Apollo Missions. The astronauts spent a total of 72 hours at the site, of which 23 hours 12 minutes were devoted to three EVAs. 113.5 kg (250 lb) of lunar samples were collected during this mission. This sample weighs 185 g (6.5 oz) and is believed to represent the rocks that underlie the valley floor. Sample No. 79155,10 is a portion of a gabbro-granular igneous rock of basaltic composition with a coarse-grained texture. Scientific research is being conducted at NASA's Johnson Space Center and at other research centers in the United States and certain foreign nations under a continuing program of lunar investigation.

Sign accompanying Moon Rock at Museum of Science & Industry
Time picture taken Sat Aug 17 14:13:58 2002
Location picture taken Henry Crown Space Center
Museum of Science & Industry
Chicago, IL
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