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The informational sign near the stage.

It reads:

First Stage Saturn V Moon Rocket


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration establishes this exhibit in appreciation for the dedication, effort, and professional contributions to the historical achievements of our national space program by the thousands of citizens of New Orleans, southeast Louisiana, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast during the first two decades of the space age.

This S-1C-15 was the last of a series of first stage Saturn V launch vehicles which were assembled at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans and static fired at the nearby test facility in Hancock County, Mississippi for NASA by the Boeing Aerospace Company under the direction of the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center at Huntsville, Alabama.

The stage is 128 feet long and 33 feet in diameter with a weight of more than 300,000 (empty) and 4,800,00 pounds (fueled). Powered by five F-1 Rocketdyne engines with a combined thrust of more than 7.5 million pounds, the S-1C burned 15 tons of propellant per second during its two and one-half minutes of operation to take its payload of about 1.4 million pounds to a height of 38 miles and a speed of more than 6,000 miles per hour.

December 9, 1978

S-IC at Michoud Assembly Facility
Time picture taken Tue Jun 14 14:40:10 2005
Location picture taken Michoud Assembly Facility
New Orleans, Louisiana
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