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I'm definitely not a hot weather type of person; my idea of a "perfect day" would be partially cloudy and about 76 degrees. Of course, Wisconsin summers are more often than not much hotter than that, and fairly humid. I especially dislike mowing the lawn in such weather (luckily, by the time gets to be in the mid-90s in Wisconsin, the grass is mostly brown and doesn't need mowing very often).

So, June in Florida (with both the temperature and humidity in the high 90s) was not something I enjoyed. I'd go outside and start to sweat almost immediately. I commented to my wife, "And to think that people have to mow the lawn in this kind of weather," to which she responded, "Yeah, but I bet you wouldn't mind mowing lawn under a Saturn."

Sure enough, before our stay was over, we saw someone mowing the lawn under the Saturn. While I still wouldn't want to engage in such an endeavor, I have to admit that mowing under a Saturn might make it a tad more tolerable.

Mowing the lawn under the Saturn IB S-IVB stage at Kennedy Space Center
Time picture taken Thu Jun 9 08:48:45 2005
Location picture taken Rocket Garden
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Kennedy Space Center, FL
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