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Edward H. White II

Detail of part of the plaque at the memorial. It reads

Born November 14, 1930 in San Antonia, Texas. Ed received a bachelor's degree from the United States Military Academy and a master's degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Michigan. He also received an honorary doctorate in astronautics from the University of Michigan. White and his wife, Patricia Finegan White, have two children, Edward and Bonnie Lynn.

Lieutenant Colonel White was a test pilot in the Air Force and in 1962 was selected by NASA to become an astronaut. He was selected as the pilot for Gemini 4, a four-day mission that circled the earth 62 times. At that time, Gemini 4 was the longest manned mission in space, and Lieutenant Colonel White was the first U.S. Astronaut to walk in space. He was also the first man to use jet propulsion to maneuver himself in space. He was subsequently selected to be the Command Module Pilot for Apollo 1.

While practicing emergency egress procedures in preparation for the Apollo 1 mission, a flash fire consumed the spacecraft. Edward H. White made the ultimate sacrifice and lost his life in service to the nation and the space program on January 27, 1967 at 36 years of age.

Edward H. White II
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