S-IB LOX Vents

The S-IB stage had four LOX vent valves, plus one LOX relief valve. Each outboard LOX container had a 7-inch vent valve, used to vent the container during tanking operations. Additionally, there was a 4-inch LOX relief valve, used to maintain LOX container pressure during flight, which was vented through the forward skirt of LOX tank 3.

Right now, this is a "stub" page, used as a comparison with the Block I Saturn I S-I stage LOX vent and relief valves. I do have additional diagrams of these valves which I plan to post once I get some of my Saturn IB pictures online, so be sure check back in the future.

This diagram's perspective is forward facing aft.

Saturn IB S-IB first stage LOX vent relief valve diagram

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Adapted from page 10 of the AS-207 Vehicle Systems Information Drawings.
Scan, cleanup, and adaptation by heroicrelics.org.