Welcome to Cape Kennedy Air Force Station

I have in my collection a booklet from a self-guided driving tour of Cape Kennedy Air Force Station (today the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station) of the Atlantic Missile range.

While undated, the Stephen Smith of the Space KSC Blog tells me that Brig. Gen. Harry J. Sands, Jr. (who proveded the "welcome" at the beginning of the booklet) was commander of the Atlantic Missile Range from January to July 1964, which dates the booklet to a very specific range.

The booklet describes the sights to be seen as one drives along the tour route, including a photo or two on each page to assist the visitor in locating each landmark. The back page of the booklet includes an overall map of Cape Kennedy Air Force Station, including "Missile Row", the launch complexes used to test the various missiles.

One page contains an inadvertently funny comment, about how test ending in the Range Safety Officer terminating the flight "is not a common occurrance", happening for only "one out of every 15 [missiles or rockets] launched."

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The landmarks described in the booklet include

I've included thumbnails of the booklet's cover:

Front cover of Welcome to Cape Kennedy Air Force Station booklet Back cover of Welcome to Cape Kennedy Air Force Station booklet, including map of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station of the Atlantic Missile Range, including Missile Row

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