General Apollo Command/Service Module Diagrams

I come across many Command/Service Module diagrams which, while interesting, are not so interesting that they necessarily merit their own separate page. I have created this page as a repository for such diagrams.

CSM Cutaway (News Reference)

The beginning of the Apollo Spacecraft News Reference [Command/Service Module] features a three-page fold-out of a cutaway diagram of the Apollo Command/Service Module:

Apollo Command/Service Modules (CSM) cutaway from News Reference

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Adapted from p. 7 of the Apollo Spacecraft News Reference [Command/Service Module], located in the Mrazek collection, Dept. of Archives/Special Collections, M. Louis Salmon Library, University of Alabama in Huntsville. A similar-vintage News Reference is available in electronic format from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal; refer to page 11 of that PDF.
Scan and adaptation by heroicrelics.

The diagram notes that the entire CSM, from the tip of the launch escape tower to the exit plane of the Service Propulsion System engine, is 63 feet, four inches tall. The Launch Escape Subsystem is 33 feet tall, with the Command Module being 10 feet, seven inches. The fairing between the Command and Service Modules is two feet, two inches, and the Service Module proper is 22 feet, seven inches (the launch escape tower legs overlap the command module, so the four subsystem measurements don't add up to the 63'4" overall value).

The callouts on this diagram include

CSM Cutaway (News Reference) Download Links

I've prepared several versions and formats of this drawing: