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Grissom Mercury Helmet (pre-renovation)

The interior of the Grissom Memorial underwent renovation from the end of 2008 until April 2009 and was "officially rededicated" on July 18 as part of the park's annual "Grissom Day" celebration. The pictures here were taken prior to the renovation, depicting the helmets's appearance from our first visit in 2002 through 2008; I also have pictures of the helmet after this renovation.

According to the sign in the display case, this is

Helmet used on Mercury Flight July 21, 1961
Courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Grissom

Now, the Astronaut Hall of Fame claims to have the suit Grissom used on his Mercury flight, and it is displayed with a helmet. I suppose the AHOF sign merely claims that it is the suit which Grissom wore and not the helmet, but it still leaves one wondering.

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