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The sign which accompanied the plane circa 2005. It reads

Boeing KC-97L

✱ Speed ... 375 mph ✱ Span ... 141 ft 4 in ✱ Length ... 110 ft 4 in ✱

The KC-97 was first flown in December 1950. SAC took delivery of their first KC-97 in July 1951 and received their last one in November 1956. In 1964 the J-47 jet engines were installed on the KC-97 and this greatly enhanced their performance and uses. This aircraft was the first KC-97 to have the jet engines installed. This aircraft was donated by the Illinois National Guard.

S.N. 52-2697
USAFMP Collection

Sign by the KC-97 Stratofreighter at Grissom Air Museum
Time picture taken Sat Jun 18 13:50:27 2005
Location picture taken Museum grounds
Grissom Air Museum
Peru, Indiana
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