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View of the suit's helmet.

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This helmet is unusual in a number of ways.

The neck ring is yellow. There were two different models of Apollo helmets; earlier models had a blue neck ring and later models had a red neck ring (this had to do with a change in the suit's vent port).

The only other helmet I recall ever seeing with a yellow neck ring was on Schweickart's Skylab Training Suit at the Wallops Island visitor center. That suit is also something of a misfit, so it's likely that they just grabbed an available helmet for display purposes.

Additionally, this helmet has no feedport.

Since the feedport was added during the development cycle of the A6L suit, it's possible that this is an A6L helmet which was not originally associated with this suit.

Anders' Apollo 8 Suit helmet at Glenn Research Center
Time picture taken Mon Aug 24 11:39:30 2009
Location picture taken Auditorium
Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio
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