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An ID plate, located at the 8:00 position on the aft former ring. It reads

Body Section, Guided Missile
AFt. Unit [partially obscured; perhaps XM57]
Serial No.CC-2025
Part No.10380028
Cont No.DA-20-018-ORD-14800
Chrysler Corp. Missile Div.
U.S. Property

This ID plate and wire bundle wraps in the skirt section indicate that the aft unit is from missile CC-2025 (the "CC" indicates that it was manufactured by Chrysler Corporation Missile Division; Redstone Arsenal also manufactured some Redstones, using the "RS" prefix). The warhead section is apparently from missile CC-2013.

Apparently, after the missile system was decommissioned, there was little effort made to keep components from individual missiles together as a unit. The Air Zoo also has a Redstone; its center unit and tail unit are from CC-2007, but its aft unit is from CC-2031.

Redstone Aft Unit and Warhead Section at Kansas Cosmosphere
Time picture taken Sat Dec 7 09:22:58 2013
Location picture taken Cold War Gallery
Space Hall
Kansas Cosmosphere
Hutchinson, KS
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