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Detail of pneumatic connector, located at approximately 9:00 on the aft end of the center unit, which bears the center unit's serial number. It reads

10369611 - Assy.
SN. 2007

Tubing from the multiple pneumatic coupling balcony was held in place by the bracket on their way to other missile systems.

The plate indicates that the missile's serial number is 2007; the tail unit is also from CC-2007. However, the wiring inside the aft unit indicates that the aft unit is from CC-2031 (the "CC" denoting a missile manufactured by Chrysler Corporation; an "RS" would indicate that it was manufactured by Redstone Arsenal).

Apparently, after the missile system was decommissioned, there was little effort made to keep components from individual missiles together as a unit. The Kansas Cosmosphere has a combined aft unit and warhead section; the warhead section is from CC-2013, while the aft unit is from CC-2025.

Pneumatic connector with serial number 2007 on Redstone Center Unit at Air Zoo
Time picture taken Sun May 18 13:25:36 2014
Location picture taken East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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