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Components in the interior of the instrument compartment.

This component is third from the top (second from bottom) in the center vertical row. This is a plate with a number of other components mounted on it.

The gold-colored square at bottom center bears the logo of the Chrysler Corporation Missile Division.

The ID plate on the black component at right and lettering above it reads

CCMD 454     10388513
FM Telemetry Transmitter
Model3115-48 Serial452
Mfd. Under License from Lockheed Aircraft Corp. Pat. Pend
Radiation Inc.
Electronics • Avionics • Instrumentation

I don't imagine any company with a name of "Radiation Inc." is still in business under that name in today's environment of ignorant fear regarding anything radiation-related.

Chrysler Corporation Missile Division and FM telemetry transmitter in instrument compartment in Redstone Aft Unit at Air Zoo
Time picture taken Sun May 18 12:16:30 2014
Location picture taken East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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