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LC 5/6 Window Gallery


The sign accompanying the window. It reads

Launch Complex 5/6 Blockhouse Window

The 200-pound, foot-thick glass block displayed here witnessed many Redstone launches. At the dawn of the Space Age, this protective window was mounted in the concrete wall of the Launch Complex 5/6 Blockhouse, just 300 feet from the Redstone launch pads on Cape Canaveral's Missile Row. Through it, rocket engineers observed the flight tests that certified Redstone missiles for deployment in Europe. Later, they watched in dismay as Mercury-Redstone 1 launched its escape tower and in exhilaration as Mercury-Redstone 2 launched chimpanzee Ham. They felt worry - and hope - as Mercury-Redstone 3 launched Alan Shepard on America's first manned spacecraft and Mercury-Redstone 4 launched Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7.

Actually, it appears that this window is one of three window segments which would be sandwiched together to form a foot-thick window unit.

Time picture taken Sat Dec 7 12:12:50 2013
Location picture taken Cold War Gallery
Space Hall
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