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Overall view of the forward end of the torpedo afterbody.

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Looking at the turbine, I was struck by how much it reminded me of the turbine in a rocket engine turbopump (such as this V-2 missile's turbopump). The combustion flask on the other side of the turbine bulkhead took the place of the V-2's steam generator, directing the steam to the turbine wheels.

Unlike a V-2 turbopump, where the turbines directly power the pump, the torpedo's turbines power a gearbox which turn shafts to drive the propellers.

The torpedo's two turbines spin in opposite directions, to cancel out any gyroscopic effect the rotation of the turbines would have on the torpedo.

The copper-colored tank in the foreground is an oil tank (there's another, barely visible, in the background).

Forward end of Cutaway Mark 23 Torpedo Afterbody at Wisconsin Maritime Museum
Time picture taken Sat Sep 27 10:03:30 2008
Location picture taken Museum Galleries
Wisconsin Maritime Museum
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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