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One of the signs accompanying the helmet. It reads

Apollo Helmet

This space helmet was worn by Eugene Cernan during the Apollo 10 mission.

On loan from the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Although the sign indicates that it was Cernan's flight helmet (i.e., worn during the Apollo 10 mission, rather than just during training), the helmet's headrest is marked with "III", indicating that it is class III hardware, non-flight hardware relegated to training. However, budget cuts later in the program often forced NASA to use hardware flown on earlier missions for training for later missions, so that may be how this helmet became designated class III.

Sign accompanying Cernan's Apollo 10 Helmet at Cernan Center
Time picture taken Fri Jun 18 09:58:36 2010
Location picture taken Main Exhibit Area
Cernan Earth & Space Center
River Grove, IL
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