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One of the signs accompanying the helmet. It reads

Apollo Helmet

The Apollo helmet, which was officially known as the Intravehicular Helmet, was a transparent bubble constructed of a transparent polycarbonate shell. An aluminum neck ring attached to the helmet to the spacesuit. Although it was called the Intravehicular Helmet, it was also an integral part of the pressure suit worn during the EVA missions on the lunar surface. On the moon, however, it was usually hidden from view by the LEVA (Lunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly), which provided impact, micrometeoroid, thermal, ultraviolet, and infrared light protection to the astronaut who wore it.

Sign accompanying Cernan's Apollo 10 Helmet at Cernan Center
Time picture taken Fri Jun 18 09:58:08 2010
Location picture taken Main Exhibit Area
Cernan Earth & Space Center
River Grove, IL
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