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Walk-around of the suit's left boot.

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I'm not exactly certain as to this suit's boot. It appears to be a more-or-less normal pressure garment assembly (PGA) boot, but the lower part of it appears to have a Chromel-R outer layer. I've never seen a PGA boot with a Chromel-R cover layer; all have just had a standard Beta cloth cover.

Referring to Apollo 8 crew and mission imagery, we see a normal, white boot in S68-53187. In S68-50265 and KSC-68P-614, the crew is wearing yellow protective covers over their boots, but the part showing above the covers appears to be white Beta cloth; if the boots did have a Chromel-R outer layer, it would be visible even with the yellow protective covers.

But, this suit has a number of items (e.g., the helmet) which are not standard flight equipment, so it's likely that the boots are also not flight articles as well.

Left boot of Anders' Apollo 8 Suit at Celebrating Apollo
Time picture taken Sat Sep 30 16:40:46 2017
Location picture taken Gilbert H. Hansen Photography Gallery
EAA AirVenture Museum
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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