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Ground-level view of the engine identification plates, located between the gimbal actuator mounts on the No. 1 side of the engine.

Unfortunately, the "master" ID plate is damaged, and only a few digits of the serial number are visible. I actually photographed the ID plate at the right and the top of the "master" ID plate (at left) when I visited this engine at the old Michigan Space & Science Center. At the time of that visit, however, I did not know what a "master ID plate" was or really even know that the engines had serial numbers, and I did not photograph the serial number.

Nevertheless, these few legible digits were enough for Alan Lawrie to confirm the paper records identifying this as engine F-041, a development engine.

The "master" ID plate, at left, reads

Rocket Engine
Part Name: F-1 Engine Assembly
Contract No.: 09143 Part No.: 104002
Spec No.: [blank]
Stock No.: [blank]
Serial No.: [unintelligible]41
Model No.: F-1
Weight: [blank]
Insp: [some sort of inspection stamp]

The ID plate at right reads

Rocket Engine Component
Part Name: Body, Thrust Chamber, Assy of
Part No.: 209202-7128
Contract No.: [unintelligible]
Assembly Date: [blank]
Lot No.: [blank]
Expiration Date: [blank]
Serial No.: 4301166
Spec No.:
Weight: [blank]
Insp: [some sort of inspection stamp]

Time picture taken Mon Feb 16 12:33:08 2009
Location picture taken Michigan Space Science Center
East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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