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Overall view of the forward end of the engine.

On the Jupiter's S-3D engine, the turbine and turbopump were mounted forward of the gimbal point, which meant that flexible ducts were necessary to carry the high-pressure propellants to the engine's combustion chamber. The braided sections of the rusted silver lines at the top of this photo cover the bellows (part of which is visible on the right side of the braided section on the outer, fuel high-pressure duct) which provide the required flexibility.

Also note the turbine exhaust duct forward of the combustion chamber, pointing toward the 5:00 position of this photo. The turbine exhaust duct has a flexible bellows aft of the elbow and leads into the heat exchanger (the large-diameter silver duct running nearly vertically).

S-3D rocket engine, including LOX high-pressure duct, fuel high-pressure duct, turbine, and heat exchanger in Jupiter Tail Unit Interior at Air Power Park
Time picture taken Sat Jun 23 12:25:50 2007
Location picture taken Air Power Park
Hampton, VA
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