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The sign by the F-100. It reads

F-100D Super Sabre No. 54-2145

The F-100 Super Sabre was the first USAF jet fighter with true supersonic performance. Designed as a successor to the F-86 Sabre, the first prototype flew on May 25, 1953 and broke the sound barrier on its first flight. The first of the Century Fighters, the Super Sabre saw service as a tactical day fighter, bomber and trainer. It also flew with the USAF Demonstration Team, the Thunderbirds, for 8 years completing over 1,000 performances.

The aircraft on display was built by North American Rockwell in Inglewood, California and was delivered to the USAF on April 27, 1956. Active until March 1972, it served with several units at Elgin AFB in Florida, two units at Luke AFB in Arizona and with the Air National Guard units in Toledo, Ohio. During its operational life it was twice modified, first in April 1958 when changed to JF-100 standards and again in October 1967 when it was modified to the F-100D configuration. The aircraft is painted in the special red, white and blue markings of the USAF Air Demonstration Team.

Time picture taken Sat Jun 23 12:00:30 2007
Location picture taken Air Power Park
Hampton, VA
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