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Overall view of Pete Conrad's Apollo 12 flight coveralls. The sign reads:

Pete Conrad

First Man on the Moon?

In 1968, Deke Slayton told novelist Allen Drury (The Throne of Saturn) that Charles "Pete" Conrad could be the first man ont he moon. As backup commander for Apollo 8, the first manned lunar module test, Conrad was expected to command Apollo 11. But delays created a new mission for Apollo 8, forcing Conrad to swap missions with Neil Armstrong. As commander of of Apollo 12, these were Conrad's first words as he became the 3rd man to step onto the Lunar Surface:

"Whoopie! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but it's a long one for me."

(coverall, behind)
During the flight of Apollo 12 to and from the moon, mission commander Pete Conrad wore this constant wear garment.

Apollo 12 flight coveralls at Astronaut Hall of Fame
Time picture taken Mon Jun 14 14:15:14 2004
Location picture taken Museum Gallery
Astronaut Hall of Fame
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