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Dick Gordon's Apollo 12 baseball cap. The sign read:

Midway to the Moon, Pete Conrad unveiled baseball caps for himself and his crew. Command Module Pilot Dick Gordon wore this one as his shipmates undocked in the Lunar Module Intrepid to descend to the lunar surface.

Pete Conrad also made up a baseball cap for the capcomm. Read more about how the caps were discussed near time code 030:26:20 on the Apollo Flight Journal for Apollo 12.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that Pete's cap had a propeller on top; that seems to be supported by the journal.

Of all the Apollo crews, the Apollo 12 crew seemed to be the most fun. In addition to the matching baseball caps, they also had matching gold Corvettes.

Apollo 12 CMP baseball cap Pete Conrad gave to Dick Gordon at Astronaut Hall of Fame
Time picture taken Mon Jun 14 12:21:42 2004
Location picture taken Museum Gallery
Astronaut Hall of Fame
Titusville, FL
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