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The sign accompanying the signal square adjacent to the control tower. It reads

White Square

This 15-ft. white square is a scaled down version of the 40-ft square used by WWII control tower personnel to communicate with pilots, to minimize radio traffic, and to prevent Germans from intercepting radio transmissions. Red, yellow, and white markers within the square signaled pilots how and were to land, or prohibited landing. In this example, the yellow triangle indicates that the Standard Beam Approach was in operation, the red with yellow diagonal stripe that pilots should observe caution on landing, and the white T the direction in which pilots should land.

The signals for military airfield, caution on landing, field closed, gas attack/do not land, righthand traffic, landing direction, use runways only, gas - all clear, look at wind tee, standard beam approach in operation, parachute dropping area, and all a/c recalled are also illustrated.

The Airways Museum & Civil Aviation Historical Society has additional information regarding the signal square.

English Air Field at Air Force Museum
Time picture taken Fri May 15 16:38:00 2009
Location picture taken WWII English Air Field
Air Force Museum
Dayton, OH
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