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A sign on the control tower. It reads

This control tower is dedicated to all Eighth Air Force veterans of WWII and the 26,000 airmen killed.

This is a project of the Eighth Air Force Memorial Museum Foundation funded by Eighth Air Force members and units.

John E. Greenwood - President   Arthur W. Gulliver - Weather
Fred B. Dundas - Vice President   Robert C. Sellers - Air Controller
Thomas L. Thomas - Secretary   John H. Woodnough - (Dec.)
Edward J. Creeden - Treasurer   Dennis R. Scanlan, Jr. - (Dec.)
Allen A. Thompson - Engineer

22 April 1995 Dayton, Ohio

English Air Field at Air Force Museum
Time picture taken Fri May 15 16:37:06 2009
Location picture taken WWII English Air Field
Air Force Museum
Dayton, OH
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