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Overall view of the LOX high-pressure duct.

It exits from the turbopump near the upper center of this photo, descends diagonally, curves back upon itself, and then turns 90° to disappear across the front of the engine at bottom right.

On the S-3D, the turbopumps were mounted on the missile frame, forward of the engine's gimbal bearing, which meant that the high-pressure ducts had to allow for the movement of the engine; to this end, the ducts incorporated braided-covered bellows sections to provide the required flexibility.

Also note the fuel high-pressure duct, located in front of the LOX high-pressure duct.

S-3D/LR-79 Engine LOX high-pressure duct at Air Force Museum
Time picture taken Wed May 21 12:05:50 2014
Location picture taken Missile/Space Gallery
Air Force Museum
Dayton, OH
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