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Lunar Excursion Module Simulator

The Lunar Excursion Module Simulator (or LEMS) was a trainer used to simulate landing the Lunar Module on the moon. It was suspended from Langley Research Center's Lunar Landing Research Facility, an A-frame steel structure 400 feet long and 230 feet high, over a simulated lunar surface and allowed the astronauts to familiarize themselves with the handling characteristics of the LM.

The LEMS was initially fitted with a helicopter-type crew cabin (e.g., NASA photos L62-5805, L63-9781, L65-1439, L65-4813, L66-9503), but this cabin was eventually replaced with a stand-up cabin, which offered better viewing for the pilot.

Langley issued two dramatic multiple-exposure photos of the LEMS in use, as well as a number of more conventional photos of the LEMS with the simulated lunar surface (NASA photos L69-4361, L69-4546, L69-4850, L69-4872).

The later, stand-up cabin appears to have been installed prior to actual use by Apollo astronauts.

Astronauts photographed with the LEMS include Roger Chaffee (L65-8378, L65-8380), Neil Armstrong (L69-1692, L69-2199, L70-1490), Buzz Aldrin (L69-4540, L69-4541), Alan Bean (L65-8335), Al Shepard (L70-2208), and Jim Irwin (L70-744).

The outriggers for the reaction control system appear to have been removed from the LEMS for display purposes.

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