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A sign explaining the suit. The callouts include

Heated visor and sunshade Helmet contains earphones and microphone
Oxygen supply hose Chest pack: Systems include three GPS units and "IMU" velocity and orientation sensor
Main parachute handle Emergency reserve parachute handle
Pressure control system Altimeter (altitude gauge)
  Parachute cutaway handle
  Mirror to check parachute deployment
Capsule oxygen connector Stabilizing drogue activation button
Two HD cameras on each leg Four layers:
  • Comfort liner
  • Gas membrane
  • Restraining mesh
  • Fire retardant/thermal insulating outer layer
Mobility added to joints for skydiving

Time picture taken Sat Sep 14 12:42:52 2013
Location picture taken Space Hall
"Old" Museum
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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