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Two ID plates located on F-1 engine F-2009. Although heavily weathered, some of the lettering is (barely) legible.

Stamped directly on the thrust chamber, above the top ID plate, appears "08I02", which presumably is "208102", the thrust chamber's part number (see the top ID plate, below).

Below this is "2326", presumably part of "4062326", the thrust chamber's serial number (see the top ID plate), followed by "D" and "C.h.g.".

The top ID plate reads

Rocket Engine
Part Name: F-1 T/C [unintelligible] Assy 2009
Part No.: 208102-[unintelligible]
Contract No.: [unintelligible]74
[entire row unintelligible] Serial No.: 4062326

The bottom ID plate reads

Rocket Engine Component
Part Name: [Thrust Cham]ber Assembly
Contract No.: [blank]
Expiration Date: [blank]
Serial No.: [truncated]068695
Spec No.: [blank]
Weight: [blank]
Insp: [some sort of inspection stamp]

Time picture taken Sat Feb 21 11:41:24 2009
Location picture taken Saturn V Hall
Davidson Center for Space Exploration
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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