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Two ID plates, as seen between the legs of the gimbal actuator arms on the right of dsc17023.jpg. This picture has been rotated counter-clockwise so it's easier to read.

"Read," of course, is a relative term, as most of the information on this tag has become illegible. However, it appears to be the same type of ID plate as on the F-1 engine in Johnson Space Center's Rocket Park.

The only parts of the tag appearing at the top of this picture which are even remotely readable are what is presumably the "Part No." field, which appears to read "209727-811" (although it could be "-311"). I can pick out a "7" and a "2" in the "Serial No." field (it could conceivably be "4075321", the serial number stamped in the metal next to the tag).

The black lettering to the left of the ID plate in this picture (which actually is forward of the ID plate as it is mounted on the F-1) reads

P/N 209202-21
S/N 4075321
"E" Chg. 5321
X-Ray C/N AD-[covered by tag]

I find it odd that the part number stamped on the engine itself appears to be different than the part number on the ID plate.

Thermal insulation mounting pegs appear in the right of this picture.

Time picture taken Fri Jun 20 11:39:16 2003
Location picture taken Rocket Park
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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