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The only ID plate I was able to find on this engine; this picture is rotated counter-clockwise compared to its actual orientation on the engine, so that it is easier to read.

The ID plate is only somewhat readable in this picture. I must have used a wide aperture because the right-hand side of this picture is not as sharply focused as the left-hand side. The ID plate reads

Rocket Engine Component
Part Name: [unintelligible]/1 Body Thrust Chamber Assembly AR 2037 [only partly legible]
Part No.: 209202-31
Contract No.: [mostly unintelligible, but probably ending either "35" or "39"]
Serial No.: 4080097

The black lettering to the left of the ID plate in this picture (which actually is forward of the ID plate as it is mounted on the F-1) mostly repeats the information which is legible on the tag:

P/N 209202-31
S/N 4080097
"F" Chg. 0097
X-Ray C/N AF-266
Code Ident 02602

Also notice the thermal insulation mounting pegs to the right of this picture.

Time picture taken Sat Aug 2 17:36:56 2008
Location picture taken Rocket Park
Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX
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