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F-1 Engine Gas Generator Injector Gallery


Overall view of the gas generator injector display.

The sign reads

F-1 Turbo Pump Gas Generator


For small, liquid-fuel rocket engines, the pressurization of the fuel and oxidizer tanks may be sufficient to feed the propellants into the combustion chamber. This wasn't the case for the mighty F-1. It devoured propellants so rapidly, another mechanism was needed to satisfy its appetite.


MSFC and Rocketdyne developed a turbo pump to force propellants into the F-1's combustion chamber at a high rate (about three tons per second!). The turbo pump machinery was driven by a gas generator – essentially another rocket engine producing approx. 60,000 horsepower – mounted externally on the F-1's main thrust chamber.

The sample on display is a piece of an injector plate from an F-1 turbo pump. Donated by Saverio "Sonny" Morea.

Time picture taken Fri Jul 2 08:35:48 2010
Location picture taken Saturn V Hall
Davidson Center for Space Exploration
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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