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Penny Billings

Penny Billings represented the Wachovia Foundation for the check presentation. Here are her remarks:

Wachovia is really very excited to be a partner with this organization, and it really is, truly, an exciting time. Yesterday I was here watching two of my grandchildren graduating from the Space and Rocket Center. As part of that graduation they call off the names of the people attending and where they are from. I was just in awe of the number of states represented and not just the states, but the countries represented. This truly is an international attraction, and we just don't know how lucky Huntsville is to have it.

And I am very excited that Wachovia, the team from Huntsville, and the Wachovia Foundation can be part of preserving the Saturn V in Huntsville. Thank you. We have a check ...

OK, now Bill [Gurley, Saturn V Restoration Committee Chairman] just set the mark really high here. He's asked me to put a challenge out to the other banks to meet that grant. Thanks. We'd be proud ... Above it? Easy does it, Bill!

Penny Billings
Time picture taken Sat Jul 15 17:29:21 2006
File name dsc18655.jpg
Location picture taken West Parking Lot
US Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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