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Loretta Spencer

Loretta Spencer, mayor of Huntsville (1996 – 2008):

The city is proud to support all of the things that attract new people to it, and landmarks are important to us. Financially we have, and Larry would love to hear me say today that it's in the budget for next year also -- we're working the budget today.

What's important to note in all the things that I can say is, to the German rocket team: Thank you for taking the direction this city was going in. We couldn't be what we are today if you hadn't have come in the fifties to be part of this community and led us in such a positive direction. Because cotton is wonderful, but we needed that new direction, and we can say to you that we thank you because now we are the technology city of the south.

Larry Capps returned to introduced the next speaker:

In addition to the great government support we've received and are continuing to receive, many business and individuals have stepped forward with donations for the Saturn V restoration project. It is my pleasure to welcome Penny Billings of Wachovia Bank who will present a check to the campaign. Receiving the check will be US Space and Rocket Center Foundation chairman Joe Ritch and Saturn V Restoration Project chairman Bill Gurley.

Loretta Spencer
Time picture taken Sat Jul 15 17:27:59 2006
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Location picture taken West Parking Lot
US Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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