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The sign accompanying Gemini TTV-1. It reads

Loon Missile

Also called the JB-2 by the U.S. Army Air Forces, the Loon was an American copy of the German pulsejet-powered V-1 "buzz bomb" of World War II. The long tube at the rear is the air-breathing pulsejet engine.

Developed late in the war, the Loon was first test launched in October 1944. Loons could be launched from the ground, ships, or aircraft, but they were never used in combat. However, U.S. Navy and Army Air Forces personnel working with Loons gained invaluable experience in handling missiles. The program was canceled in 1950. The Loon was replaced by the faster and more powerful Regulus missile.

Transferred from the U.S. Navy, Naval Supply Depot, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Length:8.2 m (27 ft)
Weight, loaded:2,700 kg (6,000 lb)
Weight, warhead:998 kg (2,200 lb)
Range:242 km (150 mi)
Thrust:2,224 N (500 lb)
Manufacturer:Ford Motor Co.

Sign accompanying JB-2 Loon/V-1 at Udvar-Hazy Center
Time picture taken Sun Jun 19 16:23:34 2011
Location picture taken Ground Level
Boeing Aviation Hangar
Udvar Hazy Center
Chantilly, VA
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