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Overall view of the aft (active) side of the Gemini heatshield subjected to reentry-type temperatures. See the NASM collection ID #A19781814000 page, which notes that this heatshield "may have been installed on Gemini 2").

As seems to be common, a number of cores have been removed from the heatshield (which are even more obvious from the opposite side), some of which have been replaced with similarly-colored cores (although there are still some empty holes).

To see what a Gemini heatshield looks like after a core has been removed, see this photo on Gemini 12 at Adler Planetarium.

Gemini Heatshields at Udvar-Hazy Center
Time picture taken Sun Jun 19 15:47:42 2011
Location picture taken Ground Level
James S. McDonnell Space Hangar
Udvar Hazy Center
Chantilly, VA
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