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The third marker in the walk leading up to the Mercury monument. It reads:

Jules Verne's mythical journey to the moon in the 1880s was similar to the Apollo 11 launched on July 16, 1969.

  • Both had three man crews
  • Both landed in the Pacific Ocean
  • Both used retro-rockets for descent
  • Both flights blasted off from central Florida
  • Florida and Texas sought control of both missions
  • Spacecraft dimensions were approximately the same
  • Astronauts in both were secured in couches at launch
  • Verne's craft was Columbiad - Apollo 11 was Columbia
  • Air in both crafts was recycled through potash to absorb CO2
  • Columbiad had a crewman named Ardan - Columbia had Aldin [sic]

Time picture taken Mon Jun 6 18:50:57 2005
Location picture taken Space Walk of Fame
Space View Park
Titusville, Florida
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