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The outside of the Strategic Air & Space Museum. The building at the left displays the Strategic Air Command crest.

Most prominent are the Atlas and Thor missiles (as well as a Blue Scout to the right of the Thor). Inside the large glass wall is an SR-71 Blackbird.

According to Chuck Walker's Atlas: The Ultimate Weapon, the Atlas is vehicle #8A, "reconfigured to Atlas D configuration." Being research & development models, relatively few of the Atlas A through Atlas C series were manufactured (the Atlas D being the first operational version). The Atlas A was even more interesting in that it had only the two outer booster engines, lacking a center sustainer engine. It's a shame that they didn't keep the Atlas in its "A" configuration (plus, the center engine which was added is a obviously a falsey).

Time picture taken Fri Apr 17 08:58:32 2009
Location picture taken Parking Lot
Strategic Air & Space Museum
Ashland, NE
Picture also in Atlas
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