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Apollo Command Module 009 (CM-009) was the first production command module to launch on a Saturn rocket. The Saturn I program launched several boilerplates, and CM-002 was a production command module which was launched on a Little Joe II, but CM-009 was the first production command module launched on a Saturn rocket, on the AS-201 mission atop a Saturn IB.

Read more about the AS-201 mission on KSC's mission history page.

After its launch into space, CM-009 wasn't allowed to simply retire to a museum; rather, as seen in NASA photo S68-25169, it was banged around for use in land impact testing.

Eventually, however, CM-009 made its way to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, where it was displayed outside of a building. Scarlet, the university newspaper, had an article about CM-009 during its stay at the university.

Even though it's been restored and now rests in a proper museum, that doesn't mean that CM-009 can lead a quiet life: There is some controversy as to whether this spacecraft really CM-009 or CM-011, which was launched on AS-202 (and which is the only command module which was launched into space that resides in North America which I haven't seen).

As of now, I have not yet sorted through all of my pictures of this command module, but some other page references this location. Thus, this is a "place holder" version right now, with only the pictures actually referenced. Come back some time later to see if I've finished up, or drop me an email to request me to prioritize the rest of these pictures.

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