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Sign next to the LM mockup. It reads

During the 1960s, this vehicle was used as a trainer by the Apollo astronauts for their Moon missions.

"The Eagle has landed," said Astronaut Neil Armstrong as he and Buzz Aldrin descended in their Lunar Lander onto the lunar surface, becoming the first humans to land on the moon.

Another Lunar Lander, Aquarius, served as a "lifeboat" for the Apollo 13 astronauts. Fred Haise from Biloxi, Mississippi, Jim Lovell and John Swigert were all astronauts aboard that mission.

When the Saturn V spacecraft [sic] would enter into orbit around the Moon, the Lunar Lander would separate and descend to the Moon's surface with two of the three crew aboard. Once it landed, it served as "base camp" while the astronauts explored the Moon.

Once their visit was complete, the Lunar Lander Vehicle (LLV) would launch from the lunar landing site to redock with the Command Module as it orbited around the Moon.

NASA Stennis Space Center, originally called Mississippi Test Facility, was established in 1963 to test fire the rocket engines for the 36-story tall Saturn V rocket that took America to the Moon.

The men and women of NASA and the citizens of the area made numerous sacrifices to see that the Saturn V had the power needed to get to its destination.

This Lunar Lander Vehicle stands as testimony to "mission accomplished."

Time picture taken Tue Jun 14 13:53:42 2005
Location picture taken North Side of Parking Lot
Stennis "Launch Pad"
I-10, Exit 2 Rest Stop
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